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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dischromatics ‘New Product Launch’

Vinyl Records are fighting back

There has been a long battle between Vinyl and CD regarding music technology. Vinyl is analog, which means the surface of the record has a groove with a miniature picture of the sound wave. The needle (or laser on some newer turntables) follows that groove and turns it into sound.

CD’s are digital. It takes snapshots of the original sound wave 44,000 times a second and records the value of the sound wave at that moment. When you play a CD, it turns those snapshots back into a sound wave.

Whatever camp you fall into, Dischromatics can now supply customers with whatever format they desire, whether its CD or Vinyl.

Dischromatics can create vinyl records to almost any shape you can imagine and with a number of bright colours to choose from you will have a unique product that everyone will want. To top that Vinyl Picture Discs are also available. This is a possible alternative to CD-Audio but why not make both formats available to your customers.

Over many years Dischromatics has supplied millions of copies of CD and DVD products but now they are able to offer Vinyl Records in all sorts of shaped and sizes and in a large range of colours which also includes the standard black.

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